The Evolution

The Evolution

Founded in 2014 Out of the Need to Redefine How We Carry

More than one bag to do it all? “Nonsense!” said Nina Lantinga, the founder of Lantinga Vita. And so a concept was born, a concept of a bag to meet the demands of today’s momentum, a bag to let you live on your own terms and move with purpose.

People, Planet, Profit: Business and Fashion as a Force for Positive Change

Who said a functional bag can’t also be fashionable and produced sustainably at the same time? From the very beginning, Lantinga Vita has sought to be innovative in the way we approach business and fashion, always looking to have a positive impact on our community and the planet.

Committed to REACH for a World Without Harmful Chemicals

Before setting out to make anything, we decided that our products need to meet the European Union’s REACH requirements. REACH stands for the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals to eliminate any possible hazards and risks associated with the use of chemicals.

Launch of Our First Product, The Limited Edition Tempus Bag

Truly versatile, the Tempus, Latin for “temple,” is a bag that does everything, just like you. Able to carry your daily nutrition, laptop, basic fitness gear, and more, it allows you to find synergy between all of your daily needs so that you never have to disrupt your momentum.


Who We Are

A Touch of Québécois, the Canadian “Je ne sais quoi”

Coming at you from Montreal, Canada, we seek to give you a taste of our city’s flair for the extraordinary. The constant movement of the artsy, chic, and historical city along with its embodiment of a symbiosis between luxury and sustainability have inspired us to bring you our unique Lantinga Vita products, designed so that you never have to disrupt your daily momentum as you move from one activity to the next.


Committed to Bringing Both You and the Planet the Best

Our commitment to you and to the world runs from concept to production to delivery. We are dedicated to doing things right, and to building a world where business in fashion can be sustainable and where functionality doesn’t have to disrupt fashionability.


Constantly Connected and in Motion

Just like you, we’re constantly on the move, expanding our minds through connecting with others, mindful of our health and fitness, and seeking to make a positive change in the world.