Designing a Net Zero Future.

For every Tempus Messenger sold bag sold, we will offset your purchase by removing and recycling 10kg of ocean plastic.

Sustainable Materials

Every product is made from materials carefully selected for their high quality and environmental performance. Sustainability means keeping materials in use for as long as possible and choosing recycled content wherever possible.

Ethical Manufacturing

We ensure that every product is made in fair and safe working conditions, whether they are made locally or across the globe. We believe that care must be given at every step of our supply chain and that start with our workers.

A Decade of Action

The Decade of Action calls for accelerating sustainable solutions to all the world's biggest challenges by 2030. We are taking action to accelerate sustainable solutions through our business practices, our focus on clean innovation and advocacy work.

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The V Neck Tee

Designed for everyday comfort, wherever life takes you. High performance textiles meets sustainable innovation. Discover the tee that cleans our oceans, in style.

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Net Zero Consulting

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