Our Story


Meet Nina Lantinga, a Toronto native and founder of Lantinga Vita.

An Avid Athlete and Nature Enthusiast From the Start

Sports, healthy living, and nature have always been an integral part of Nina’s life. Already at age 6, she was an ardent athlete training competitively 4-5 times a week. Also very curious about the natural world and holding a fascination for marine life, she went to marine biology summer camps in Charlevoix Quebec. Every school project turned into an opportunity to educate her peers on the importance of protecting whales, not yet knowing she would one day start a company with that would give back to the planet.


A Young Fashionista with a Penchant for Design

Quite the versatile young creator, Nina’s first breakthrough in design was at the age of 10 when she made her first bag out of old jeans. Her love for the craft quickly took off and at age 12 she was already designing her own clothing line, taking sewing classes, and getting very interested in the world of fashion design which she would soon disrupt with her entrepreneurial spirit.



An Entrepreneur Seeking an Innovative Solution to a Common Challenge

When Nina was in college at McGill University in Montreal, she found that maintaining the perfect momentum while trying to carry everything she needed for training, studying, working, and eating healthy was a constant daily challenge. She realized that the world was missing the perfect standalone bag to support the demands of a busy and active lifestyle, a bag that could be multi-functional, but also sustainable and fashionable. Harnessing her creative spirit and drawing inspiration from her love for nature, Nina set out to find her own solution. The all-in-one bag concept that she drew up ended up winning the Grit Award at the McGill Dobson Cup for young entrepreneurs. And, so, Lantinga Vita was born!


A Firm Believer in Sustainability and Doing Business Right

A firm believer in striving for sustainability and social responsibility, Nina constantly seeks out ways to incorporate fairer business methods which give back to the planet and its people. Nina’s approach is truly pushing boundaries, and also bringing her back to her love for natural materials.

“One our goals with Lantinga Vita is to challenge the status quo of design and also of the way business is traditionally done. From the design perspective, we strive to bring fashion and utility together. As a business, we choose above all a sustainable approach rather than focusing on profit. Staying true to these values has allowed us to build something we’re proud of and hopefully others will follow suit.”