The Dynamic Warm Up


I’ve been asked many times how to avoid injuries, increase performance during a workout, and what to do in the minutes before race time for maximum performance.  That’s where a dynamic warm up comes into play. Just like everything life, optimal performance requires preparation!

Dynamic warm ups come in many varieties and can be adapted to a specific sport or workout. It’s important to keep in mind the muscles groups you will be using and the level intensity at which you plan on performing. Focus on those areas during your warm up while simultaneously increasing the intensity to prime your body and mind for what’s coming next. The warm up should be a maximum of 10 minutes to avoid fatiguing the muscles before the exercise begins. For an in depth explanation about the benefits of a dynamic warm-up, check out this short article by Poliquin Group.

To help you get started, we put together a general warm up video for you to do before your next workout or competition. Take what you like, add your own personal touch, and get to it!