30 Minutes HIIT Bodyweight Workout

HIIT (Hight Intensity Interval Training) workouts are a great tool to use when you are pressed for time and want to maximize your results. They are very effective if, and only if, you push yourself at 100%. They are often designed by pairing exercises together so that opposite muscle groups will work while the others will rest. This allows you to keep moving and keep your heart rate up while increasing your overall work in a shorter period of time. You will need a timer for the workout.

It is very important to prepare your body before beginning these high intensity workouts.

2 minutes jumping jacks
2 minutes running on the spot (don't forget to use your arms!)
30 seconds of left leg swings (Front to back)
30 seconds of right leg swings (Front to back)
15 shoulder rolls forward
15 shoulder rolls backwards
15 seconds left arm swings
15 seconds right arm swings

Now you are ready for the workout!

Keep in mind that these are short workout that rely on intensity an effort. So push yourself to your limit without sacrificing technique! Always try to transition between exercises as quickly as possible.

Workout Every exercise will be performed for 1 minute 1 minute

T-push-ups 1 minute
Jumping lunges 1 minute
Mountain climbers 1 minute
Burpees 1 minute
Plank 1 minute

Rest Repeat this cycle 4 to 5 times

Key points for exercises

T-push-ups are performed by doing a regular push-up followed by a transition to an extended arm side plank reaching your free hand to the sky.

Jumping lunges: Bring your back knee 1 inch off the ground before dynamically jumping off the ground as high as possible.

Mountain climbers are done by pulling your knees towards your chest. Try to not let your butt jump up and down.

Burpees are performed by doing a push-up then bringing your feet to your hands and jumping up.

Perform the plank by assuming a push-up position, keep everything engaged, ankles close together and don't let your butt fall.

During your rest period don't sit down, walk around, have a small sip of water and get ready for the next round!

Enjoy the burn!

By Raphaël Lantinga