Our Pillars


At Lantinga Vita we seek to challenge the status quo through developing innovative and sustainable, high-performance solutions to living a healthy and productive life.


We aspire to achieve a sustainable future where functionality and fashion come together to support the momentum of modern modality. 


Authenticity – Our true selves bring the best to the table.

Each individual has unique passions and aspirations which should be pursued to the fullest. Our products are made to support everyone’s distinct pace and needs so that together we may thrive.

Creativity – Life, fashion, and business hold no creative boundaries.

Challenging ourselves as individuals, creators, and a business is at the heart of everything we do. From design to delivery, we aim to challenge the status quo and rethink how things are done.

Quality – Quality serves. Quality holds. Quality lasts.

Our own desire for versatility, durability, and performance is reflected in our products handcrafted from materials of the highest quality to deliver an unforgettable and lasting experience.

Sustainability – We are here thanks to the world to which we must give back.

To reduce any negative by-products our business activity may generate, we continuously seek to improve and refine our processes and give back to the natural world to which we are all connected.

Transparency – Your right to be in the know is always respected.

There is a story behind each of our products, and you have a right to know it. That’s why we take you along every step of the way, around the world, from conception to the finished piece that you love.