HIIT The Beach


Training on vacation can be challenging. Some might find it difficult to train in environments that they are not used to (let alone putting down that well deserved Margarita). This can mean no access to a gym with machines, unstable surfaces and the comfort of air conditioning. These situations can require a bit of creativity and inspiration, but after travelling South America for 4 months I’ve learned to use my body and my environment to inspire my next workout while enjoying the natural beauty that surrounds me.

Here is a little workout I did yesterday on the beach in Costa Rica. Remember to properly warm up before your workout! Refer to previous posts for warm up routines.

Repeat this set for 5 rounds

  • Clapping push-ups: Max reps unbroken
  • 40 yard sprint
  • Ring dips: Max reps unbroken
  • 20 yard sprint
  • Rest 90 seconds


  • Max reps unbroken indicates the maximum repetitions completed in one set without stopping. Once you fail a repetition move on to the next exercise.
  • These are advanced movements. For an easier variation use standard push-ups and bench dips.
  • Bench dips could be performed on a beach chair, a log, a rock, use what you have!

Now explore your new spot and get to it!

By Raphael Lantinga