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5 dream jobs for people who love to travel

5 dream jobs for people who love to travel

1. Sports recruiter


-Be passionate about sports and know this industry in and out

-Possess great negotiation skills (for when it comes to negotiating with the athlete’s agent)

-The ability to know how to identify the best talent and also potential talents.

 Where to start: Start volunteering for your local sports team


2. Destination wedding photographer


- Be a good communicator and be outgoing

-The ability to work under pressure

-Good technical ability with cameras and lenses

-Be creative

-Passionate about travel

-Love the world, people and life

 Where to start: take a professional photography class and develop your travel skills (travel and photograph as much as you can)


3.Cruiseline worker


-Speak and understand English fluenty

-Excellent customer service skills

-Independant (be ready to leave your home for the duration of your contract (seasonal contracts are usually for a period of 3 to 8 months).

-Have a team spirit and enthousiam

-Love new adventures

 Where to start : Make a list of cruise ship jobs that are available on the web. Visit websites such as Royal Caribbean, Carnival and Norwegian Cruise lines, to look for job opportunities. They should list a wide variety of staff and crew position.


4.Travel writer


-Awesome writing skills

-Ability to find original ways to express things

-Excellent research skills

-Have patience, perseverance, and determination

-The ability to work alone for long periods without getting distracted

-Know the travel industry in and out

 Where to start: Read a lot. Get your hands on as many travel magazines, travel blogs, and guidebooks as you can. From there, start creating a scrapbook of your favourite stories and refer to them for inspiration.


5.Traveling nurse


-Passion for nursing

-Be flexible

-The ability to work both independently and as part of a team

- Be positive

-Dedication to patient-centered care

 Where to start: Start a professional nursing program. If you’re already in the field with a year or more of work experience, research the right travel nurse agency or NGO that are recruiting.


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