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How to find your purpose

How to find your purpose

We all recall those moments as children, when we are asked: “what do you want to be when you grow up?”

Well, I’m grown up and I’m still trying to answer that question. Everyday we get a little older, and hopefully a little wiser. New experiences change our perspective, people touch you in a way you might not expect, and we face challenges we never knew existed. Those challenges put us in a position to choose. We are not defined by our careers, our family, or our friends, but rather the choices we make.

When starting a business, you experience many firsts. These firsts sometimes feel like growing up all over again. You have to make decisions you never made before. These decisions can have a huge impact on your life, and that of others. This can be equally terrifying and exhilarating. Every decision you make is a reflection of your values and thus, your business becomes an extension of who you are.

So how do you make the tough choices? You need to know your “why”. Why do you do what you do? What inspires you and makes you feel fulfilled? There is no right or wrong. When you begin to answer the “why”, the decisions you make become authentic.

Choices you make in business will likely be put into question at some point in time. From the people you choose to work with, to every penny you invest in your business, there’s always a choice to make. The choices get tougher, as the impact is greater. When faced with tough choices, simply remember who you are and what you stand for.

Living an authentic life is fulfilling. There is no step by step guide to a perfectly fulfilling and successful life. Success should not be measured through milestones, but rather by one’s ability to wake up everyday ready to take on whatever life throws at you. We become successful when we understand our purpose, and that purpose is expressed by the choices we make.

Starting a business is an opportunity to have a positive impact. I choose to constantly look for inspiration in the dynamic world I live in. I choose to work with people that value human and environmental health. I choose to be positive and care for the people in my life. These choices give meaning to my life because they are true to my authentic self.

We don’t know the outcome of life or business. We don’t know what tomorrow holds. Why not grow up and choose to simply be happy? How you get there is up to you.

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